The Creator’s Narrative

Early detection, active treatment, cancer is not scary

There are no clear causes of cancer in etiology, but there are more chances people can get cancer nowadays. According to research report provided by the health authority, one in four people will have cancer and cancer has already been the primary reason for death in Taiwan. In the past when health examinations were not widely available to everyone and medical technology was relatively insufficient, once cancer was detected, it was usually already in its final stage. At that time almost no medicine could help and patients have no chance to survive. Therefore, cancer was seen as a ‘fatal disease’ which scared everyone.

However, as medicine has steadily improved, health examinations and medical technology have also progressed too. As long as cancer could be detected earlier and patient could receive active treatment, cancer could be curable and therefore it won’t be so scary any more.

 My experience in cancer 

As a company owner, I am responsible for the company’s development as well as its social responsibility. I have to pay extra attention to my personal health. Therefore, I am used to receiving periodical health examinations every year. Nine years ago, once when I had a scheduled health examination at the Taichung Veterans’ General Hospital, there seemed to be a small piece of tumor in my stomach. Because there are some members died of stomach cancer in my family, it has caused my vigilance and attention. Then, after advanced check-up and laboratory test, stage-zero stomach cancer was confirmed.

At that time, I also faced whether I should accept the choice of surgery cut. After my family’s persuasion and by arrangement, I decided to undergo a surgery cut without hesitation and adopted treatment as soon as possible. I had director Wu, Cheng-Chung (吳誠中, Division of General Surgery VGHTC) performed the surgery to cut the tumor in my stomach and Director Chen, Gran-Hum (陳儉鏗, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology VGHTC) looked after me thoughtfully. After months of convalescence, I have completely recovered. Since then, I pay more attention to my physical health, diet and regular exercise. I will run a treadmill or ride a bicycle for certain time every day. Nowadays, I am healthier and more energetic than I was nine years ago.

Early health examination, early detection 
For many diseases, if it can be found earlier, there would be a bigger chance to cure before it deteriorates or induces complications. So is the case of detection and treatment of cancer. Early detection and active treatment are the vital key points to cure for and survival from cancer.

Some people don’t have the habit of receiving periodical health examinations. They may avoid talking about diseases or seeing a doctor. They always think that they won’t be so unlucky to get cancer. However, if people don’t have periodical health examinations, it would be difficult to detect cancer in its early stage. Therefore, they would lose the golden opportunity for treatment. When you feel uncomfortable and go to hospital for health examinations, usually cancer has been in its final stage if it is detected. At that time, it’s too late even people want to receive treatment. People can do nothing but just watching the deterioration of disease. They will reluctantly live their final life in months. It’s a pity when there is a chance to cure any disease, but people lose their lives due to their negligence to receive health examinations.

Since early detection is critical to cure cancer and periodical health examinations are one of the important methods to find out cancer, it is needless to emphasize the importance of receiving periodical health examinations. It would be regretful if people lose their lives because they don’t detect cancer earlier due to being too busy or reluctant to receive periodical health examinations.

Early detection, active treatment 

When people realize they have cancer, some of them may feel anxious and frightened and thus have no idea what to do. Some may naively expect they will recover from cancer naturally. Some may avoid facing the truth and don’t want to talk about the disease and see a doctor. Some people complain the appalling fate and gradually lose their motivation to fight against cancer. All of these are not the correct way to face and combat cancer. In fact, the only way to overcome cancer is to bravely face it and actively receive treatment as soon as possible. If people can’t bravely face cancer and receive treatment actively due to hesitation, they will lose the golden time for treatment. That will be regretful.

Trust orthodox medicine, don’t believe in alternative therapies 

Some patients may decide to actively face cancer and receive treatment, but they may not be cured because they adopt incorrect ways of treatment. Some are superstitious and trust frauds and alternative therapies to cure cancer. Some accept only drug therapy because they worry about pain or side effects after surgery. All these incorrect medical interventions can’t cure cancer and they would even make disease condition deteriorating.

It has been decades since cancer was discovered. Relevant research in pathology and therapy has been undertaken; theories and clinical experiences have been accumulated to some extent. I think I would rather believe in science-based medicine and bravely adopt science-based medical intervention. That is the correct attitude and way to save your life and survive.

Finally, I would like to reemphasize that cancer is not scary. Early detection and active treatment would reward you with better health than you expect.

President of the Giant Group Liu, Jin-Biao (劉金標)